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Saving XLS files with variables in the filename

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In my For.. Next Loop I save XLS files. I'm trying to figure out how I can let the loop save the file with a different name everytime. In one scenario I'd like to have an increasing number (Customer1, Customer2, Customer33, etc).. In a another script I need to save with a part of a specific string I gathered earlier on in the script (CustomerID-0003.xls, CustomerID-18749.xls, CustomerID-2458.xls, etc).

How do I do this?? Do I need to add some variable to the _ExcelBookSave line, or do I have to generate the filename before I save?

Many Thanks in advance!!

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Increasing numbers:

For $X=0 to 10 Step 1

FileSaveFunctionThatYouUse("FileName" & $X)


Custom data:

FileSaveFunctionThatYouUse("FileName" & $TheDataThatYouAcquiredEarlier)

Use _ExcelBookSaveAs() for saving

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