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Click a spot then click a previous spot


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I wrote a script that has been suiting my needs, but I was wondering if there is a way to modify it.

Basically what it does is this:

While 1
    $var = PixelGetColor( 637, 446 )
    If $var = 0x55291B Then Send("{4}")
    If $var = 0x3B0C08 Then Send("{2}")
    If $var = 0x967928 Then Send("{9}")
    If $var = 0x7B0000 Then Send("{d}")
    If $var = 0x1C0500 Then Send("{5}")
    If $var = 0xF1CC7B Then Send("{0}")
    If $var = 0x4A292C Then Send("{a}")
    If $var = 0xCD5113 Then Send("{3}")
    If $var = 0xB597DA Then Send("{F3}")

I would like it to click a specific spot on the screen and then move the curse back to the location that it was before. I know how to make it click a spot on the screen but I am unsure if there is a way for it to move the cursor back to the spot it started at.


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$mousedata = MouseGetPos()

MouseClick("left", 5, 5)
MouseMove($mousedata[0], $mousedata[1])

Edit: If you want it to be instant then you can use this

$mousedata = MouseGetPos()

MouseClick("left", 5, 5, 1, 0)
MouseMove($mousedata[0], $mousedata[1], 0)
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