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How To Capture If A Windows Is Maximized?

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salvete, amices! :whistle:

i did'nt find a way to capture a window property like "IsMinimized" "IsMaximized".

there's a a perfect way to calculate a maximized windows using the @desktopheight and the WinGetClientSize("Program Manager"), but I fear a "rest risk" and i would really prefer another way to obtain the exact status ...

thank you very much for this product and eventually your better ideas than mine B)

greets, r_t

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Don't think theres a function to do it but this script could do it for you.

I only tested it in WinXP 1024*768.

It looks at the right top middle button ...

While 1
   ShowMenu(Windowstatus( Wingettitle("")))

Func Windowstatus($WinTitle)
   AutoItSetOption ("PixelCoordMode",1)
   $WinPos = WinGetPos ( $WinTitle)
   $maxc = PixelGetColor ($WinPos[2] - 45, 12)
   If $maxc <> 16777215 then 
      return ("Current window:" &  $WinTitle & " is in Restored mode")
      return ("Current window:" &  $WinTitle & " is in Maximized mode")
; Show Splash screen or update its content
Func ShowMenu($l_msg)
   if WinExists($W_Title) then
   Return 0
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You could compare the window dimensions to the @DesktopHeight and @DesktopWidth if you know the position of the taskbar.... On Windows XP, ate least, WinGetPos("","Notification Area") ;taskbar info

Here are some related functions that that might help.

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thank you both!

i will have a try of your ideas. i will give you feedback in the next (?) weeks.

unfortunately i've a big lack of time due to too much business :whistle: (well, better than a lack of work B) )

nice week-end!


ps: very interesting time zone differences between our answers :angry:

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AutoIt 3.0.94 has a function WinGetState :whistle:

Ahhh, so that's where you got that from. I saw your other post mentioning it and thought, "What's he talking about, there isn't a WinGetState function". Now I see (Haven't tried 3.0.94 obviously, since I'm using the tooltip-enabled version).
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