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Can I do this with AutoIt?

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I need to capture data from PBX system attached on PC RS232 port (via null modem cable).

When create conection in HyperTerminal I can capture data. Then must find .txt file

and print out call log.

Can I do some AutoIt automation for this proces, or may someone help me with diferent solution?

Please help.

Than you.

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Which process is it that you want to automate? the collecting of the data or to print the files?

I am unsure about this but there is a small chance that you can modify the serial-port UDF here to suit your needs.

If you just want to print the text file, use ShellExecute() with the verb "print" Ex:


If you want to print it in another program then check that programs command line parameters (if any)

Also, do some searching around the forum, There are probably some other topics regardning RS232 here.

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