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Dear users,

I'm experiencing some troubles with a webpage which has a button to change some stuff. Now the source looks like this :

<input type="button" class="Button Edit" value="Change" onclick="enableForm();"/>

I also cant get the [button-Instance:1] because its in an iFrame, so i can only select the whole frame. Also the form does not have a name so i do this with get collection. I could do it with elementgetcollection but then im busy for years to find out which elementnumber the button is.

Is there any way to do this otherwise?

Any help appreciated. Java sucks when using IE UDF >_<

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You could try:

_IENavigate($oIFrame, "javascript:enableForm();");

Works to unlock the form but after that my script hangs and won't do anything after that link. To attach the IE again doesnt work either. To search the collection again wont work. Nothing, the whole script hangs lol.


But thanks for this!

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