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MMO coords read from memory & display

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Hi all autoit forum!

I have a little doubt about memory reading to get coords from a MMO to autoit.

Excuse me if it's posted but i didnt find it here nor googleing.

I searched the values on Cheat Engine and have a greeny & "static" address, but my problem is that the exe file is a launcher and all processing is done by a dll, so all mem addresses on cheatengine are calculated like:




and so.

How can i determine the client.dll address that is running to add that offsets?

Thanks in advance,


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Well forum code doesnt let me delete or edit my post, so i will reply myself:

Could be done using the code posted by "Szhlopp" at:


But using memoryRead instead of write.

And to note, there is an error in the code:

Wasnt "$StaticOffset = Dec("0x48965C")"

But "$StaticOffset = Dec("48965C")"

without the "0x". worked nicely

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how do u add other offsets 2 it if u have a pointer going to it?

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