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download then compare web page table data

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hey guys, first post on the forums here. already ive found them so useful so i thought i'd have a shot at asking a question which(unknowingly) may not be possible, but here goes

i know this website that holds numeric data about the various servers for Diablo II (more accurately, the amount of SoJ's sold on each ip (to those of you who dont play D2, good things can happen on the ip of a game when lots of these SoJ's are sold)

what im intending to do, is kind of download the data of the servers, then re-download them + compare them (like either take #1 away from #2 to get if there is any differences for example

then use the ip with the biggest difference, and save that ip into a variable...the rest of my needs i can manage

if any1 would be kind enough to explain/demonstrate how this is done, wud be much apprecated :)

Thanx in Advance


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First you'd download the site using INetGet, then use FileRead to parse out what you want.

If you just search for INetGet I'm sure there's a nice example :)

I also play D2, good luck.

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