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Hi everyone

I am busy learning Autoit and am creating a program that works within a window which is an exe file not a browser. Everything is working fine up to now, I am using PixelGetColor to see if a specific pixel changes, if it does, then do something different, I have the window inactive (which means the pc is not unusable while running the tool) and use controlclick to perform mouse clicks (so I can still use my mouse and the pc) it all works fine UNTIL I cover that pixel with a browser for example, or any other window, I can cover everything except that specific pixel, if it gets covered it runs erratic and messes up my program.

What else should I be trying to use, I need to see if that pixel changes colour to run the program properly, any ideas or pointers? I have tried the hwnd variable at the end of the PixelGetColor but that didn't make any difference

Thanks for reading/helping

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