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Read process memory

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I remember a tool I had a few years back, which one could use to create very simple cheats for any game...

the tool worked like this:

you start a game and remember the value you wish to modify (e.g. 100 hp) then you scanned the memory of the game for this value and saved all locations containing it. Then you switched back to the game and change the value and filtered all memory addresses that matched this new value from the prior set (that matched 100) (you could of course select the variable format like char, int, double, float)

you repeat this until you have only 1 or 2 addresses left which you could then modify.

is this possible in autoIt ? this does not need to be very stealthed or something, i just need the basic methods to hook into the memory of a process and search for values / modify them...

thanks alot

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