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This is my first post where I need some help. I am trying to use avicap32.dll in autoit, I have had success using it with assembly and a few other languages but Autoit seems to be a different animal.

Any way I can return a handle of a capture window and it returns all expected values except $WS_CHILD or'ed to $WS_VISIBLE resolves to 1.

$hVidCap = dllcall("avicap32.dll","int","capCreateCaptureWindowA","str","test","int",$WS_CHILD or $WS_VISIBLE,"int",0,"int",0,"int",100,"int",100,"hwnd",$MainhWnd,"int",0)

Of course this crashes the script. I've tryed to solve this myself but I maybe misunderstanding how autoit sees messages in the dllcall.


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Thanks larry for responding so quick, I did try the BitOr previously and it still crashed my script.

Here's what I have so far, keep in mind it maybe a little messy.

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
#include <VidCap.au3>
DIM $hVidCap
$MainhWnd = GUICreate("",250,250)

$hVidCap = dllcall("avicap32.dll","hwnd","capCreateCaptureWindow","str","test","int",BitOR($WS_CHILD,$WS_VISIBLE),"int",0,"int",0,"int",100,"int",100,"hwnd",$MainhWnd,"int",0)


While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()

    Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE


I'm still getting a crash, note that when or if :D I get this working I do intend to offer the VidCap.au3 include file. For this part of the script it's not needed. The previous method I used did return a handle.

I had considered writing a dll for this but...hey where's the fun in that? :)


HWND VFWAPI capCreateCaptureWindow(
  LPCSTR lpszWindowName,  
  DWORD dwStyle,          
  int x,                  
  int y,                  
  int nWidth,            
  int nHeight,          
  HWND hWnd,              
  int nID                
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