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My wrapper runbin.dll can run exe's from memory in two ways.

First, you can run the exe file name itself.

Second, by loading the exe into my wrapper runbin.dll with "ResHacker.exe".

You can download ResHacker Here it's free.

ResHacker is real easy to use checkout the help.

The example shows how to use both ways.

Func OnAutoItStart()
    Global $OUT=@ScriptDir&"\RunBin.dll,"
    $RH="C:\ResHack\ResHacker -add "
    $REG=@SystemDir&"\regsvr32 /s "
    RunWait($REG&StringLeft($OUT,StringLen($OUT)-1))           ;Register RunBin.DLL
    RunWait($RH&$OUT&$OUT&@SystemDir&"\notepad.exe,Exe,Npad,") ;Load Exe's to RunBin.Dll

Func OnAutoItExit()
    $RH="C:\ResHack\ResHacker -delete "
    Run($RH&$OUT&$OUT&"Exe,,")          ;Remove Exe's From RunBin.Dll

$RB=ObjCreate("RunBin.RunBinC")  ;Load RunBin.dll

GUICreate("Run From Memory",250,135)
$Radio=GUICtrlCreateRadio("Run From Exe File",25,20,160,41)
GUICtrlCreateRadio("Run From Stored Resource",25,50,220,41)
$Button1=GUICtrlCreateButton("Run Memory",120,96,95,25)

While True
    Switch GUIGetMsg()
        Case -3,$Button2
        Case $Button1
            If GUICtrlRead($Radio)=1 Then


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This is a very interesting script. Is it possible to embed an exe, say an autoit script, into the dll so that you don't have to load it? Dunno if i'm even making any sense. Hahaha.

I just ran an au3 exe and it would not open??

I will check it out.


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I just ran an au3 exe and it would not open??

I will check it out.


Best of luck trying to Execute an Au3 binary from memory, it needs direct read access to the A3x section

that is appended to the tail of the interpreter (or elsewhere in the binary >_<).

It does not matter if you somehow manage to get this overlay into memory along with the interpreter when you execute it,

since it needs to read this data from within the executable itself (raw read) or as another file.

80% of the 'Cannot locate script' error messages are due to this.

I am not saying it cannot be done, because it can, just trying to throw some light on the subject for those that might be trying to execute an Au3 exe from memory.


Oh yeah, and don't even get me started on why Running one Au3 exe in the memory space of another Au3 exe ain't gonna happen under normal circumstances.



Ed: 95% tad overkill.

n00b reference was pretty arrogant sorry.

Oh yeah I forgot... nice Lib dude. :(

Edited by Mobius


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