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Health Checks

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G'day all

I run a small computer business "Mainly home customers" and no matter how many times I explain things to customers I see the same problems over and over because they "forget" what i've told them to do.

So I was thinking an Autoit script to do some "health checks" when the computer starts would be a good start.

I'd like to get it all planed out before I jump in and have to restart because i've forgotten something.

The things I've thought (been suggested) to add to the script so far are

Memory - Check used memory against available memory

Hard Drive - Check free space

Virus - ??? Is the virus checker running? (not sure how to do this)

Firewall - Is one active? (not sure how to do this)

System Restore - Is it active?

AutoUpdate - Is windows Autoupdate running

Stage 2 - "Stuff" that isn't of immeditae concern but is good to check

Defragmentation - Check fragmention level of Hard drive(s)

Cleanup - Emptying cache / cleaning up tmp files

Device manager - Check for faulting device drivers (HOW?)

After the checking is done the program will display anything that is "faulty" and maybe send me an email so I can ring them (in case the kids are ignoring the warnings).

Any suggestions on what else I should check up on?

And of course if you have some script your willing to share please feel free. >_<

Thanks in advance for any and all constructive advice!

Edit: Added suggestions from Scriptonize

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What about:

Defragmentation check

Emptying cache / cleaning up tmp files

Check the device manager for faulting device drivers

Is Windows AutoUpdate running? (Also when was it last run?)

......many more will popup in my mind soon....

Tip for virus scanner running/firewall up.

They all depend on services, you could check the state of well known scanners/firewalls services.

If you learn from It, it's not a mistake

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What about:


I've added all of your suggestions to my first post. I thought a stage 2 maybe a good idea for "stuff" that should be checked but isn't immediately important. Maybe 2 seperate programs stage 1 executes everytime the computer is stated adn stage 2 every X days....

I like the idea of checking services I would have never thought of that.

Keep them coming.

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G'day gentle reader :(

(or maybe I'm just talking to myself wouldn't be the first time...would it...no it wouldn't...who said that?? >_<

Anyway thought of something else I should check

Services -

Check if they are present

- major error if they are missing ??

Check their "startup type" automatic/manual/disabled

- Fix if necessary

Check their current "state" ("Stopped", "Stopping", "Running", "Starting", "Paused", "Unknown")

Anyone know of any script to help with this section.

Scriptonize made a good start Here but I wonder if anyone has code to do a service "health check" already.

Thanks for any help

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