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Hi all, If I wrote this thread is because all my "own" research about the problem

is depleted. Im self learning and always use this forum to get examples and search

info on howto do every thing I wanna do.

Im now stucked in this:

Trying to send functions to a inactive opengl window (world of warcraft).

Sucess on sending simple keys and text with ControlSend().


ControlSend($wowhWnd, "", "", ("{TAB}"))
ControlSend($wowhWnd, "", "", "rawtext"

but I cant figure out (and dont really sure if its possible thats why asking here)

how to send mouse clicks to that window that doesnt have any control because its d3d/opengl?

normal way with the active window:

MouseClick("right", $coordX, $coordY , 1)

what im trying:

ControlClick($wowhWnd, "", "right", 1, $coordX, $coordY )

I dont know how sending functions to inactive windows works, in fact as

I said Im self learning and that include any programming concept and knowledge.

So, that code is only a failed hacky attempt??

It is possible (or could be with a new autoit function) to do such thing?

really thanks, of course. Dont be mad at me >_< didnt found any info but maybe my searchs were wrong.

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I have a work around but it's not in Autoit >_< sorry.

Here what you can TRY(I do not play WOW, now)

ControlClick($wowhWnd, "", "", "right", $coordX, $coordY )

It should work on. If the sample above you provide is true.

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ControlClick($wowhWnd, "", "", "right", 1, $coordY , $coordY )

that would be the full one adding your sugestion, but

that was a previous try, didnt worked and I tought it was wrong format so discared that fast :(

Well, now tried again but deeper, and noticed it kinda works but not as intended.

It WONT recognize the coords for the unactive window.

The script will send the rigth click at the current cursor position of the game (*)

and at the same time will set my windows cursor to that position.

Now that last thing was really unexpected... something like if I wanted to:

-get the cursor coordinates of the unactive game window

-set (teleport move) my windows cursor to that coordinates

(*) I guess its because the function is supposed to move between coords of a control

only and not of an entire window, am I right?

Or if I dont specify a control id or class should use the entire window?

any comment and help is greatly appreciated >_<, this hobby is so addictive (messing with autoit, not WoW)

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