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Auto IT's new version

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well I have just downloaded and installed AutoIt on my PC and discovered this time we don't have a mouse mapper with the program like the previous time. Does anyone knows how can I plot my mouse co-ordinated without it? in other words am I being silly and missing the obvious i.e. there is a mapper but I can't simply find it or can someone tell me a program or something which I can use to plot my co-ordinates?


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Well I have only known AutoIt v3 and am unfamiliar with previous versions, but I think you mean something like this...

$MousePos = MouseGetPos()

MsgBox(0,"Co-ordinates","X: " & $MousePos[0] & @CRLF & "Y: " & $MousePos[1])

Edit: There are many other mouse functions aswell including

- MouseMove()

- MouseClick()

- MouseUp()

- MouseDown()

Edit2: I think this might interest you as well...


and this script can be very helpful, picked it up from another forum member.

Opt("TrayIconHide", 1)

HotKeySet ("{ESC}", "MyExit")
HotKeySet ("{PAUSE}", "Clip")

While 1
   $Pos= MouseGetPos ()
   $Color= PixelGetColor ($Pos[0], $Pos[1])
   $Hexit= Hex ($Color, 6)
   ToolTip ("X: " & $Pos[0] & " " & "Y: " & $Pos[1] & @LF & "RGB Color under mouse: 0x" & $Hexit & @LF & "Decimal : " & $Color, $Pos[0] + 10, $Pos[1] + 10)

Func Clip ()
   ClipPut ("The color at" & " " & "X: " & $pos[0] & " and" & " " &  "Y: " & $pos[1] & " " & "is" & " RGB: " & "0x" &  $hexit & " Decimal: " & $color)

Func MyExit ()
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Maybe wanting AutoIt Window Info ?

This tool is in the StartMenu -> Programs -> Autoit v3 -> AutoIt Window Info.

It was renamed to save contraversy.


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