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Autoit general script help?

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Hey guys, I'm having a little (orly) problem with a script of the sort I didn't make, and I have no clue how to manipulate... >.> sorry to ask, I guess this is a request.

Well, you see, the program I'm using polls (or something) addresses in another program but polls so fast that it works my CPU like crazy x.x

I have no knowledge about anything in depth about Autoit, but I *THINK* this program is just a script compiled and messed around with.

Anyways guys, I'm trying to remove the feature that polls values alltogether, or somehow miraculously make it poll less.

The feature really does nothing so even if it was disabled completely, I'd be very happy if someone could help me out with that...

With this program came a source code in .au3 form, which I also don't know how to manipulate... but I've tried removing the section that describes a function that checks those values, and I'm getting a LOAD of errors and stuff.

I've attacked a zip file with the original program, it's dependencies and the so called source code. I am also not quite sure of the nature of this program, but have used it for a while without any problems and the feedback on it is good.

So if there's anything *wrong* with it, just tell me and I'll get rid of it ASAP. Thanks!

Please help me... >_<

Thanks in advance for any help!

I uploaded the attachment to a link since it's about 313k and not under 64k. D: sorry


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