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this is the code i currently have.. i turned my pixelbot into a simpler trigger bot.. but i still want my pixel bot to work.

#include <Misc.au3>
HotKeySet("{F5}", "start")
HotKeySet("{F6}", "stop")
HotKeySet("{F1}", "_exit")

Global $color

Global $ON = False

AutoItSetOption( "MouseCoordMode", 0)

While 1
    If $ON = True Then
        $coord = PixelSearch(0, 0, @DesktopWidth, @DesktopHeight, 0x960000, 3, 3)
        If IsArray($coord) = 1 Then
            MouseClick("left", "", "", 30, 0)

Func start()
    $ON = True

Func stop()
    $ON = False

Func _exit()

i've used the code suggested by everyone i've talked to, they say to use

If IsArray($coord) = 1 Then

i figured this was the reason my pixel bot wont lock onto the pixel, because its being told twice to move the mouse, but when i remove the MouseMove function it still doesnt lock on.. when i get into the game i play, and find the color that i want to lock onto, it not only passes the target pixel, but it flies passed it, and spins uncontrolably. i've tried the AutoItSetOption( "MouseCoordMode", 0), which tells the script to use the coordinates of the active window, and this has stopped my spinning out of control problem, yet still it jumps to the looking up/down position.

how can i tell this script that the pixel is a moving object?? im guessing that when it sees the pixel, it tries to put my mouse onto that spot, not knowing that when it moves the mouse, the pixel moves too..

is there a script i can use to follow the array $coord outputs? a code i can use to lock onto the target pixel that the variable $coord detects? im not sure what question to ask specifically as i am a beginner, but im a fast learner so if you would please try to help me i would appreciate it.

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yes the object moves.. its not the delay of pixelsearch that is the problem.. even tho yea it does have that split second before it reacts.. but when i take out the move mouse commands from the script it works perfect as a trigger bot

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