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_IEFormImageClick (Image not found)

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I am using the below function, but sometimes if the image is not found on the page, the script throws an error and stops to execute further.

I would like to build a check before using _IEFormImageClick function to check if the image exists, if not, then `CONTINUELOOP`.

How do I add an `if` check for the image "button_confirm.gif"

_IEFormImageClick ($oIE1, "/images/button_confirm.gif", "src")

Thx in advance.

Best regards,


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Failure: Returns 0 and sets @ERROR

@Error: 0 ($_IEStatus_Success) = No Error

1 ($_IEStatus_GeneralError) = General Error

3 ($_IEStatus_InvalidDataType) = Invalid Data Type

4 ($_IEStatus_InvalidObjectType) = Invalid Object Type

5 ($_IEStatus_InvalidValue) = Invalid Value

6 ($_IEStatus_LoadWaitTimeout) = Load Wait Timeout

7 ($_IEStatus_NoMatch) = No Match

8 ($_IEStatus_AccessIsDenied) = Access Is Denied

9 ($_IEStatus_ClientDisconnected) = Client Disconnected

@Extended: Contains invalid parameter number

You can do something like if _IEFormImageClick ( ByRef $o_object, $s_linkText [, $s_mode = "src" [, $i_index = 0 [, $f_wait = 1]]] )

=0 then ....

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