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Making a reorderable and scrollable checkbox list

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This time I'm trying to make a sequential process runner for my automated installation scripts. The goal is to make a full list of any number of available scripts I have and allow the user to check which ones he wants to run and be able to arrange what order the scripts run one after the other.

I use an ini file for the process information, with the process label as the section name and a path key for the executable file. On running my process runner script, I read all the section names of my ini file and put it into a treeview using $TVS_CHECKBOXES. On clicking OK, I get the exe path of the checked elements and just run it one at a time.

As it is, it works fine but is limited because there is no capability to alter the execution order of my scripts. Is there any better way of enabling changing of element order short of rebuilding the list/tree every time?

As a side note, it would be better if the processing can be done in within the code and not rely on writing additional information into a file since there may be a possibility of the need to incorporate my process runner into an installation disk.

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