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UPDATE: Found my error I forgot the "\" in my paths.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve this fell free to make comments.

Also, how do you find the file extention? Anyone know?

I'm writing a simple program to copy all files in a dir and rename them to the date modified. I'm getting an error and was hoping someone to tell me what i'm doing wrong.

DirCopy("C:\Backups", "C:\Backups1",1)
$search = FileFindFirstFile("C:\Backups1\*.*") 

While 1
    $file = FileFindNextFile($search) 
    If @error Then 
    $t =  FileGetTime('C:\Backups1' & $file, 0, 0) ;<---- error on this line
    $yyyymd = $t[1] & "_" & $t[2] & "_" & $t[0] 
    FileMove('C:\Backups1' & $file, 'C:\Backups1' & $yyyymd & '.txt')

; Close the search handle

error code:

:\autoit\FileCreatedDate.au3 (32) : ==> Subscript used with non-Array variable.:

$yyyymd = $t[1] & "_" & $t[2] & "_" & $t[0]

$yyyymd = $t^ ERROR

>Exit code: 1 Time: 1.481

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