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Moving Average

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Calculation for the Moving Average transfer speed. It calculates the average of speed samples taken approx over the last 5 seconds.

#include <Array.au3>

Func MovingAverage() ; updates stats during download
    Dim $SpeedSamples[5]
    $Accuracytimer = timerInit() ; for first loop

    While @InetGetActive
    $CalcAverage = 0

    $BytesRead1 = @InetGetBytesRead
    $BytesRead2 = @InetGetBytesRead

    _ArrayPush($SpeedSamples,Int($BytesRead2 - $BytesRead1)*(TimerDiff($Accuracytimer)/1000))
    $Accuracytimer = timerInit()
    $Ubound = Ubound($SpeedSamples) -1
    For $x = 0 To $Ubound
        $CalcAverage += $SpeedSamples[$x]
        $CalcAverage = $CalcAverage/$Ubound
        $AverageSpeed = Int($CalcAverage/1024)

    ConsoleWrite($AverageSpeed&" kb/s"&@CRLF)

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