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redirection type launcher script?

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I'm searching if a utility already exists before I attempt to do it myself. The program I want to find or create is an application launcher with various types of clipboard support that allows the user to configure perhaps a dozen external apps.

Redirection using a bunch of hotkeys makes too many hotkeys to remember. So what I'd like to have is a Gui that pops up with a hotkey. On the Gui would be maybe a dozen buttons and each button would have a few radio buttons associated with it, options for copy selection to clipboard, then paste as param to app, just paste from clipboard as param, no clipboard etc..

As one example, say your primary browser doesn't have an addon or pluging that can open links in another browser. You could either highlight the address for the current page, or select "copy link location" to get the expanded link into the clipboard, then hit the redirector hotkey. Choose the appropriate radio button for clipboard handling and just press the button of one of the other browsers.

Or you could have an editor that's not the default text editor come up with the highlighted text as param or whatnot.

If anyone has already done something that sounds similar please let me know.

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