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Sending Byte Array to com port

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I'm trying to send this to a com port.

im $command[13]

$command[0] = 0xBE

$command[1] = 0xEF

$command[2] = 0x10

$command[3] = 0x05

$command[4] = 0x00

$command[5] = 0xC6

$command[6] = 0xff

$command[7] = 0x11

$command[8] = 0x11

$command[9] = 0x01

$command[10] = 0x00

$command[11] = 0x01

$command[12] = 0x0D

$i = -1


$i = $i + 1

_CommSendByte($command[$i], 0)

Until $command[$i] = 0x0D

Would putting it in a long array and sending that at one go be any Faster ? The COM port is at 19200 if that makes any difference. If so whats the best way to go about this.

I have tried _CommSendByteArray() but with no success ... More then likely its something I'm not doing..

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Michel Claveau


Is $command[4] = 0x00 sended with success?

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Yeah it runs pretty damn fast.

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Yeah it runs pretty damn fast.

This thread should either be in support in this thread for the UDF.

Sending a byte array will be faster. You need to create a dllstruct for the array and pass the address for it.

If you have any questions about sending byte arrays using my udf then best to continue this in the udf thread. I won't be replying for a couple of days though, but there might be some examples for sending byte arrays in that thread. I remember someone was using them to communicate with a satellite dish.

@ Michel

The byte functions will send 0x00 but the string functions will not of course.

Edited by martin

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