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Few Questions About Using Autoit

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i have few questions since i have asked many people and they all refuse to tell me how to make bot for online games i want to the know the process lol, so while i was searching the net many people said they use Autoit and here are my noob questions since i dont know anything about programming please bare with me:

1-if you make a bot with Autoit can you minimize the game and still use your computer or Autoit program will be using your Keyboard for targetting hitting etc?

2-how can someone link their made program to another program like link your bot to the game client so it can check the HP etc

3-question outside the subject of Autoit what knowledge do you need to make Bots for MMO games for leveling your character killing monsters?

i know that i need to learn programming language so i picked few visual basic 2008 books but that will only teach me how to make the program, but how to link them and make them control another program actions.

sorry for the trouble i just want to know been wondering about the process of making bots for long time

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