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Hidden Script Won't Respond to Hotkeys

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Hello, I've made a game bot that runs fairly well in Aion. After it updated to the 1.5 patch it started blocking AutoIT programs. That wasn't really a big deal since I just used "Taskbar Hide", a program that hides the script from the taskbar. Unfortunately after I've hidden it, I can't stop the program with my F6 hotkey.

It looks something like this:

HotkeySet ("{F6}", "Stop")

HotkeySet ("{F5}", "Start")


while $run=0 ;Wait for F5 Key to start



...Code goes here...

Func Stop ()

Exit 0


Func Start ()



Is there any way to alleviate this problem? I can't just click CTRL + ALT + DELETE because the program sends mouse clicks and I can't control the mouse at all.

Thanks for any and all advice.

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