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Slider button size

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Is there a way to make the slider button (the thing you have to click and drag) from GuiCtrlCreateSlider bigger?

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You are looking for a function called :_GUICtrlSlider_SetThumbLength(). Check in help file

[font="Garamond"]Manjish Naik[/font]Engineer, Global Services - QPSHoneywell Automation India LimitedE-mail - Manjish.Naik@honeywell.com

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Here is a tutorial to customze the S2U2 Slider Button.

1. S2U2 Slider button image is in Device\Program Files\S2U2\gfx folder as Arrows.png.

2. It consists of two images each of size 47x30 pixels, that makes the original image 94x30 pixels.

3. The first image is used when Slide to unlock & second image is used when Slide to Answer.

Designing Buttons:


1. Open Paint.

2. Goto Image --> Attributes

3. Change width to 47pixels & height to 30pixels.

4. Design button u want to use for slide to unlock.

5. When Done, save it in BMP format.

6. Repeat the process for the next button i.e. Slide to answer.

7. Open IrfanView.

8. Goto Image --> Create Panorama Image.

9. Choose 'Horizontal' in Directions Group.

10. Click Add Images & add the images (Remember the first file is for Slide to unlock & the second is for Slide to answer)

11. Untick 'Insert file names in images'.

12. Click Create Image.

13. This file should be of 94x30 pixels.

14. Save it in PNG format.

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@Manjish - works like a charm! Didn't know about the _GuiCtrlSlider* Functions. Thanks!

@gandaria700 - not exactly sure what you're talking about (iPhone unlock slider?) but thanks anyway.

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