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how to get text of this StatusBar


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_GUICtrlStatusBar_GetText(0x0001041A, 0)-----but 0x0001041A is not same every time!

$abc = GUIctrlgetHandle("windowname","text","[Class: XXX, Instance: YYY]"-------sorry,it doesnot work!


#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3>

#include <GuiStatusBar.au3>

#include <WinAPI.au3>

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

Global $zhenshuu

Global $zhenshu

Global $zhenshu2

Global $zhenshu3


$zhenshuu = GUIctrlgetHandle("OPTILE Software","EDIT","[CLASS: msctls_statusbar32,INSTANCE: 2]")-----TIP error

$zhenshu =_GUICtrlStatusBar_GetText($zhenshuu, 0)

MsgBox(4096, "TEST", "COUNT:"&$zhenshu)

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I suspect the "part" is incorrect... sure it is "part 0"?

_GUICtrlStatusBar_GetText($zhenshuu, 0)

not part 1 or 2

_GUICtrlStatusBar_GetText($zhenshuu, 1)

_GUICtrlStatusBar_GetText($zhenshuu, 2)


_GUICtrlStatusBar_GetText(0x0001041A, 0)-----it does work!IT is OK!

part 0 is sure!

but its handle is not the same everytime when you open software again!

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