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controlsend sends wrong key

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I have the following script that opens acrobat pro and makes pdf from webpages. It works 80% of the time. The rest, however, does not. The "ControlSend" command sometimes will replace "" with "http;//". Notice the ";". Also, once in a blue moon, it will replace the numbers "32" with "#@". It looks like the shift key was depressed, but I don't touch the keyboard when the script is running. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Dim $urls[10]

$urls[0] = ""

$urls[1] = ""

$urls[2] = ""

Dim $urlNames[10]

$urlNames[0] = "c32NLVNV"

$urlNames[1] = "c33NLVNV"

$urlNames[2] = "c63BOIID"

Dim $path = "\\\mrtgTmp\"

Dim $fullPath

Opt("SendKeyDelay", 50)


For $i = 0 to 9 step 1

WinWait("Adobe Acrobat Pro")



WinWait("Create PDF from Web Page")

ControlSend("Create PDF from Web Page", "", "", $urls[$i]) ************** Problem area ***********************

ControlClick ( "Create PDF from Web Page", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:8]")

WinWait("Download Status");

WinWaitClose("Download Status");



WinWait("Save As")

$fullPath = $path & $urlNames[$i] & ".pdf" ************** Problem area ***********************

ControlFocus("Save As", "", 1148 )

ControlSend("Save As","","",$fullPath)

ControlClick("Save As","","[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:2]")



WinWait($urlNames[$i] & ".pdf","",2)




;WinWaitClose("Adobe Acrobat Pro", 3)

;sleep( 1000 )



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Not working. I've tried all the way up to 500ms. It seems to fail in the first iteration of the script. Then, if I manually start it again, its okay. I'm blocked by this. Is there anything else for me to try? Thanks.

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A couple of tips to get you started with controls and arrays

  • Always set the ControlID parameter instead of using an empty string
  • Try ControlSetText() instead of ControlSend()
  • Try Not to use Dim and definitly don't use it to declare a non-array variable. Dim = Dim(ension) Use Global or Local instead
  • Create your Arrays as a single 2-Dimension array instead (See Below)
  • You don't need the Step 1. That's the default. Just use For $i = 0 to Ubound(<array>) -1

This is just off the top of my head so double-check it against the help file.

Global $aURL[3][2] = [["", "", ""]["c32NLVNV", "c33NLVNV", "c63BOIID"]] ;; Watch out for line wrap

;;To Call the Array Elements your lines would change to
ControlSetText("Create PDF from Web Page", "", <controlID>, $aURL[$i][0]);; ************** Problem area
$fullPath = $path & $aURL[$i][1] & ".pdf";; ************** Problem area

Edit: Oooops, forgot one. If you are going to use ControlSend() anyway, set the flag to 1 (raw) in case there are "special" characters in the string.

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