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Unable to Insert data into a lookup text box

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There are 6 text boxes that I can successfully put text (from a csv file) in on a web page with a form. I'm able to submit that information but I can't seem to submit the last name.

(Before I go any further, I have to say that I have no control over the website)

The last name box on the web page is a combo or drop down box. I've attached a screen shot of what it looks like on the web page. That box allows for the typing of text and I'm not even sure the search part of it works.

Here is what I think might be relevant code from the web page...

<td id="tdlblLn" style="width: 113px; height: 37px" valign="middle" align="right" colspan="1" rowspan="1">
Last Name:</td>
<td id="tdLn" style="width: 206px; height: 37px" valign="middle" nowrap align="center">
<table id="Table7" style="width: 220px; height: 28px" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" width="220" border="0">
<td align="left">
<input type="hidden" runat="server" id="_wcLastName" name="_wcLastName" value="" >
<input type="hidden" runat="server" id="_*wcLastName" name="_*wcLastName" value="-1" >
<OP:OPRichComboBox id="wcLastName" name="wcLastName" tabindex="0" alphasort="False" dropbehaviour="Automatic" selecteditemstyle="background-color:#99CCFF;color:Blue;" zoom normalborder="#ECE9D8" dropheight="300" dropwidth="400" textwidth="155px" textheight="22px" identity="RCB" onkeypress="keyUpper();HandleKeyOnLastNameID();" title="Last Name" style="font-family:;" initialitem=""font-family:; >
</OP:OPRichComboBox><iframe id=wcLastName_dp style="display:none"  src="/OPControls/OPDropDownTemplate.htm" frameBorder=0 scrolling="auto" >
<td align="center">
<input type="image" name="btnSearchByLName" id="btnSearchByLName" title="Search on Last Name" src="images/application_button_Search.gif" style="border-width:0px;" />

Here is the section of my code that I'm trying to use...

$fromdos = _IEGetObjByName($oIE, "txtFromDOS")
    _IEFormElementSetValue($fromdos, $portion[1])

    $thrudos = _IEGetObjByName($oIE, "txtThroughDOS")
    _IEFormElementSetValue($thrudos, $portion[2])

    $dob = _IEGetObjByName($oIE, "txtDOB")
    _IEFormElementSetValue($dob, $portion[3])
    ;send("{TAB}" & $portion[4])

    $lname = _IEGetObjByName($oIE, "_*wcLastName")
    _IEFormElementSetValue($lname, $portion[4])

    $fname = _IEGetObjByName($oIE, "txtFirstName")
    _IEFormElementSetValue($fname, $portion[5])

    $ssn = _IEGetObjByName($oIE, "txtSSN")
    _IEFormElementSetValue($ssn, $portion[6])

    $submit = _IEGetObjByName($oIE, "imgbtnSubmit")
    _IEAction($submit, "click")

I've tried setting $lname to _*wcLastName, wcLastName, and wcLastName_dp and each time it doesn't key in the last name. I'm trying to get this done without having to use Send().

For the record, I'm not trying to spam any site nor do I have any other evil intentions. I want to take a csv file (extracted out of our database) and to run Medicaid eligibility's on all the patient info found in the csv file.




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