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Another iTunes UDF


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Here is a another iTunes UDF that I have been working on for sometime now. I tried to make it more like the includes word.au3 and $IE.au3. The error handling functions and some understanding came from them. Also special thanks to torels. His iTunes UDF gave me a great understanding of the iTunes COM SDK so Thank you very much torels. I love any kind of feedback so please let me know what you think, or if you have problems, don't understand something, think something should be done differently, removed, added, ANYTHING! In my opinion, an iTunes UDF is something that could maybe be added to autoit in the future. Its a very popular program that on a lot of windows computers. I only included four examples but, I plan on adding more examples in the future.(Feel Free to post more or better examples :D )

iTunes UDF.zip



































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Here is a another iTunes UDF that I have been working on for sometime now.

Thanks for sharing!

Though the iPod functions would interest me more! :D

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