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Well to make a long story short, my company needs to change the adapters and binding order in the Advanced Settings of the Network Connections screen. I've created an autoit script but unfortunately, it sometimes crashes explorer.exe if I have it push the button up twice (which is what it needs to do). I was wondering if anyone knows of a command line to take care of this order problem as this is being rolled out to over 170 users. this would make my friggin' day! Thanks in advance!


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Got to love reviving a 2 year old post.

I have been trying to find a way to automate the same thing as in the original post above ie a change to the Adapter binding order in Windows XP to put Local Area Connection above Wireless Network Connection. According to MS there is no way to programatically do this.


Considering I'd prefare to stay away from sending keystrokes does anyone know if AutoIt includes a method this could be done with?

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