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help with modifing MSI Files

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hi every one

well i'm still new for that autoit stuff

i'm trying to do my best

in learning this script language

and i'm really impressed by the ability of it

it's really good

but i was working on some msi files patching

i used to use cmd with some tools (msidb etc ..)

and i started to use autoit

and saw some tools like Msi Editor

it's really hard understand

so if any one can help me

i need to do 2 stuff in a msi file

first add tables to it

second remove a raw << i used to do that using a Transform

so any help would be appreciated

and thx in advance

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and also

how to dllcall this function



i'm using this code to call msi.dll

but i'm using it on a lot of msi so that dialog appear starts to be bugging me

so i founded out that function might be helpful

but sadly i can't find a way to make it work

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