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Hey guys. I´ve got a problem, need some help.

When I open the iexplore.exe and open in the IExplorer the Favourits, then in the left part a layer with the name favourits and the favourits will show as a tree.

No i close the iexplore, and open it again. And the layer is still there. only after a restart the saves from iexplorer are away. So: the iexplore save the setiings of the aktually status of the windows? any ideas what i can do against? or any command with autoit3 how to shut the layer?? Everybody understand my problem?

thank you for help..

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The state is stored in:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser

Find the corresponding entry and delete it.

This is save and the entries are rebuild after execution of iexplore.

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That window on the side, is called a sidebar. Normally you will have a favorites button on your toolbar, you must of customized your toolbar? Your can right-click on the toolbar and select customize, to add buttons to your toolbar. Also on the sidebar, is an X at the top right corner, that will close the sidebar.

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