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Just a simple tabbed Notepad with Code compiling and/or running support

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It's quite old project, but I finally decided to share it.It's A real project made from 9 files.



Ability to select template (template includes)

  • C/C++ compiler configuration
  • Font name
  • font color
  • Font Size
  • Background color
  • GUI color
  • EditStyle
  • EditExStyle
  • Window width;height
  • Cursor
  • Ability to remove menu from main menu
  • set enter key action
  • Set Notepad's Icon
Key combinations (shortcut key)

  • All standard nodepad key bindings
  • Re Open - Ctrl + R
  • Compile - Ctrl + F9
  • Compile and Run - Ctrl + F10
  • Run - F9
  • Open Include - alt + I

  • Ctrl + T to create new tab
  • Enter Key actions Start new line OR execute command
  • Window title shows path to file you edit
  • Tab text tells you file name you edit (with out full path)
  • Command line debugger
  • Shows current line and col
  • Shows Line end character
  • Supports CR line end
  • Supports LF line end
  • Supports CRLF line end
File extensions that can be directly executed by pressing F9 with out having to compile it

  • html
  • htm
  • xml
  • bat
  • cmd
  • reg
  • au3
  • vbs
More about command line:

You can simply copy and paste (it's damn hard with cmd but if u use my notepad as command line, its easy to copy-paste)

You can resize window to any size (you cant do that with windows cmd)

All key combinations are supported, which means that you can use Ctrl + S to save all text to file.


Text editor mode

Posted Image

Command line mode

Posted Image


Files I made

  • NotepadConf.au3
  • CommandLine.au3
  • functions.au3
  • notepad.au3
  • notepad.conf
Files I found from this forum (I sused these for my command line)

  • _ArrayDisplaySortV.au3
  • ArrayDupes8.au3
  • FileListToArray3.au3
  • FileListToArray.au3


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