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Inet get function on Win7 (IE8)

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I have a script which downloads files from rapidshare server(with premium account). It worked, however now when installed Win7 RC for testing it downloads only a file which has about 14kB in size. Do you have any ideas how to resolve it?

Here is a simple example (I uploaded freeware CDBurnerXP for testing):

$file_name = "http://rapidshare.com/files/277591608/CDBurnerXP.rar"

InetGet($file_name, "C:\files\XP_Burner.rar",1, 1)

- It downloads just a fragment of the file..

Note: To be able to download files this way it is necessary to login into premium account using IE (to set tracking cookies) and activate "direct download" in the premium account settings on rapidshare server.

I have no clue why it is not working now when installed Win7. Or it is just a coincidence and it doesn't work generally now..

Thanks for any comments! :D

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maybe you have to set IE before cookie setting to acceppt all cookies:

Posted Image

sorry, i only could show the german IE dialog....

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Hi andygo,

thanks for your quick reply.

Unfortunatelly the issue persists even if I set IE to accept all cookies..

It seems that tracking cookies are accepted but there is a problem with downloading itself (it downloads just a chunk of the file)

Any other ideas are welcomed :D

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