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Compliled script keeps replicating when launched


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I just created my first script to launch a program called gemsignplus9. It is very simple and only requires that the Enter key be hit about 5 times. When I launch the script by right clicking it, it executes perfectly. However, after compiling the script and executing the exe file my notification bar overflows with AutoIT icons and it keeps replicating within my task manager. Has anyone seen this? What am I doing wrong?

Here is my script:


WinWaitActive ("Topaz GemSignPlus Installation for Acrobat 9")

WinActivate("Topaz GemSignPlus Installation for Acrobat 9")


WinWaitActive ("Select Destination Directory", "The GemSign support files will be")

WinActivate("Select Destination Directory")


WinWaitActive ("Install", "would you like to install")



WinWaitActive ("License Agreement", "License Agreement")

WinActivate("License Agreement")


WinWaitActive ("PLEASE NOTE:", "from the menu")

WinActivate("PLEASE NOTE:")


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