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Can I use autoit to test my application

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I have a application. I want to use auto it to test it. Following are the requirement:

1>The parameters of input are stored in a File. When it is needed, autoit will open the file and read the input and put it it to text.

2> UI has drop-down menus, and options, I want Autoit to select the defined menu.

Is there someone who can share some experience with me? I am new to autoit.



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I think you should check out the tutorials on the page to get into the language, and even though i understand that you want this done now, do not stress to much, let the learning take its time.

Also the helpfile is one of the greatest things with AutoIT open it by pressing F1 in SciTE.

You are probably interested in theese commands:

FileOpen(), FileRead(), ControllClick, and the win* functions

[font="Impact"]Use the helpfile, It´s one of the best exlusive features of Autoit.[/font]http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q555375ALIBI Run - a replacement for the windows run promptPC Controller - an application for controlling other PCs[size="1"]Science flies us to the moon. Religion flies us into buildings.[/size][size="1"]http://bit.ly/cAMPZV[/size]

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