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Map network share to directory


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Is that possible anyway?

I know of methods to map local drives/directories to directories (mountvol, linkd.exe, junction.exe, Disk Management MMC), but not of a single one where a network share is mapped into a folder. I mean, one could do that by using DFS to mount a share made of a local folder into the DFS-Root...but somehow I'm not really lucky with that. And apart from this, DFS is only available on server OSses...

Does anybody have an idea?



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use a NFS client and mount the share as an NFS drive.


Sorry for not answering over the last days. I'm f***ng sick and managed today for the 1st time to get to my machines.


I ponder and ponder...but I simply can't remember having mentioned NFS as a valid option. If I was talking 'bout an 'x environment, okay (but then I probably wouldn't have posted anyway). But we're on M$.


Does anyone else have another idea?

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