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Question about _IEBodyReadHTML, _IEDocReadHTML and INET

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Hello all.

I was wondering why the source of web page is shown different at some other computers ... then I noticed that the functions _IEBodyReadHTML and _IEDocReadHTML are executed after client-side modifications. Now I have a few questions:

1) Is the function _INetGetSource the only way to get original source of the page (that is not modified, and it's the same on all computers)

2) If I use _INetGetSource, what is used as user agent

3) I have created some session with IE and I have access private pages (which are secured by php session or by cookie) ... now If I use _INetGetSource, I will get that source from private page? or it will take me to the login page?

4) How actually this _INetGetSource works?

I need these answers, because I'm coding bot for web-based game, and I have many problems only because of different source on other computers.

Answers would be greatfully received!

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