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FTP Archiver

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I developed my first big autoit program back in 2006. The program is an automation to generate dialy POS reports and download the reports daily to a server. It has been working great. During the process of updating when the client put new sites online, I learned that I got behind in the development knowledge. I used to develop test automation tools for production and I was able to keep up. To get back into development, I decided to start creating apps and tools. So, I just completed this first level of FTP Archiver program. This is a FTP program with specific goals – archiving support and be able to repeat the archive. In this level, one can:

1. Enter the FTP logon info and be able to save as default.

2. Select some or all files from a folder to FTP. One can mix the selected folders to FTP.

3. Get dialog popup with send status and process bar. This dialog will allow one to Cancel after finishing the current file then close the FTP connection and return to the main FTP window.

4. One can save the sent items to an archive file for future repeat sends. One can create this archive file without send if you like or need to and create many files.

5. There is a control to allow you to clear the list boxes for send list.

This is the first release so I will be improving and adding features, such as the ability to restore files from an archive list. Before I developed this app, as part of my relearning, I developed a means evaluate files date and time to determine if necessary to transfer files(s). This was thought of to avoid transferring large unchanged files. Got it to work but did not include here yet since I was want to baseline an application.

I would appreciate anyone looking at this and give me some feedback.


Dr SherlockAlways a way

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