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Macros in Command Line

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Anyone who had used macros in Command Line, example:

C:\Test.au3 @ProgramFilesDir

In the AutoIT script Test.au3 $CommandLine[1] has the value "@ProgramFilesDir" instead of "C:\Program Files".

Is it possible to convert the value "@ProgramFilesDir" in $CommandLine[1] to a macro @ProgramFilesDir?

I have tried the functions Eval() and Assign().

I would be thankfull for some hints.....

Best Regards

Jan Fredsholt

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I don't think you can use a macro outside the script.

If you use the windows environment variables it can work as long as the variable include " " if there is a space.

So the env variable for Program Files is ProgramFiles, which returns the value c:\program files.

c:\test.au3 %ProgramFiles% would return the value c:\program but

c:\test.au3 %windir% will return c:\windows


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