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GPEdit.msc wont start hidden

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On a 2k3 DC, AutoIt, the following line launches mmc.exe hidden, as expected:

ShellExecute("mmc.exe", "", "", "", @SW_HIDE)

The following always brings mmc/gpedit into focus and doesn't hide it:

ShellExecute("gpedit.msc", "", "", "", @SW_HIDE)

ShellExecute("mmc.exe", "gpedit.msc", "", "", @SW_HIDE)

I've tried using 'Run' as well, no cigar.

Ideas or suggestions? TIA

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Works for me:


Run("gpedit.msc", "", @SW_HIDE)

That doesn't work, I thought .msc files are loaded by mmc.exe therefore 'Run' will do nothing.

My code was

Run("mmc.exe gpedit.msc", "", @SW_HIDE)

which will load in full view, not hidden. Just loading mmc.exe will load hidden.

Did you try it on Server 2003?

Any other tips?

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I tried it on Windows 7, where it works just fine. Just tried it on again on Windows Vista where it doesn't work. I've found that the run mechanism in Windows 7 changed quite a bit.

As a workaround I can suggest this:


WinWait("Local Group Policy Editor")
WinSetState("Local Group Policy Editor", "", @SW_HIDE)
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