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How do I change the include path

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I'm using the default SCiTE editor. How do I change the include path?

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I'm not sure this is an option specific to SCiTE but have you read the Help Files entry on #Include?

#include "[path\]filename"

#include <filename>


filename The filename of the current script to include. Path is optional. This must be a string--it cannot be a variable.

If "..." is used, the filename is taken to be relative to the current script.

If <...> is used the filename is taken to be relative to include library directory (usually C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Include). The include library contains many pre-written user-functions for you to use!


In an AutoIt script, other scripts can be included using the #include" command.

For the include library syntax (#include <file>) to work AutoIt must have been installed using the supplied installer otherwise the installation directory will not be known and the current script directory (@ScriptDir\Include) will be used instead.

If you include the same file containing a user-function more than once you will get a "Duplicate function" error. When writing an include file that may be used in this way, make sure that the top line contains #include-once to prevent that file from being included more than once.

There is a special registry value that can be created at "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AutoIt v3\AutoIt" called "Include". It should be a REG_SZ (string) value. The contents of this value are a semi-colon delimited list of directories that should be searched for files when resolving #include's in addition to the standard locations.

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