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Creating game benchmark in AutoIt - is it possible ?

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Hi all,

I'm totally new in AutoIt and I'm have some question. Is it possible to create in AutoIt small game benchmark? For example moving from place X to Y? What i know is that AutoIt use time between events. That's bad, in diffrent hardware configuration game can work faster or slower. It's possible to mapping character locations from game and creates event's based on it?

For example:

Run game

when load is done click loading save 4

when save loading keydown F9 (fraps start)

move to place X,Y

when place = X,Y go to X2, Y2

when place = X2,Y2 keydown F9 (fraps end)

keydown ESC

click exit to windows


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AutoIt can simulate user input, so if you can do it, then AutoIt can do.

There are ofcourse no functions built-in like MoveToXYInMyGame. You'll have to build those yourself.

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