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Recursive File Find & Rename

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Could use a little assistance or advice with a problem at work. Our company is in the process of merging internal divisions, and as such want to standardize and eliminate references to the old divisions. In the past we have used 3 digit identifiers for each division as a way to tell at a glance what division a document or file is referring to. I would like to be able to create an Autoit script that would do a recursive search through a directory and replace a specific 3 digit string in a file name with a new 3 digit string, example:

ABC Financials.xls would become XYZ Financials.xls

For the sake of being able to rename the file back if necessary due to a link from somewhere else, it would be nice to have a log file created that says:

Old file= ABC Financials.xls New file= XYZ Financials.xls and the folder the file was located in.

I'm familiar with doing simple search and replaces for strings in a file name, but not with the logic of a recursive search through an entire directory structure, then piping the files to a log file.

As always, thanks in advance...


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If its always the first 3 characters you might want to use

If StringLeft($file,3) = $old Then ...

#include <file.au3>

Global $logfile = @ScriptDir & "\log.txt"

_FileWriteLog($logfile,"Log Opened")
_FileWriteLog($logfile,"Log Closed")

Func SearchDir($dir = ".")
    local $file, $search

    $search = FileFindFirstFile($dir & "\*.*")  
    if $search = -1 then return
    while 1
        $file   = FileFindNextFile($search) 
        If @error Then ExitLoop
        if $file <> "." and $file <> ".." Then
            if IsDirectory($file) Then
                SearchDir($dir & "\" & $file)

Func RenameAndLog($old,$new,$dir,$file)
    local $newfile = $file, $ret

    $newfile = StringReplace($file,$old,$new,0,1)
    if $newfile <> $file Then
        if FileMove($dir & "\" & $file,$dir & "\" & $newfile) then
            _FileWriteLog($logfile,$dir & "\" & $file & " Renamed to " & $dir & "\" & $newfile)
            _FileWriteLog($logfile,"Failed to rename " & $dir & "\" & $file)

Func IsDirectory($file)
    if DirGetSize($file,2) = -1 Then return 0
    return 1
Edited by Ejoc

Start -> Programs -> AutoIt v3 -> AutoIt Help File -> Index -> (The Function you are asking about)----- Links -----DllStruct UDFsRSA Crypto UDFs

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