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anyone have a generic address text parser?

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Hey guys

I am new here, looking to use the cool UDF for outlook interaction to make a clipboard->contact creator. I am constantly trying to add stuff to my contact list that’s somewhat free-form. I was checking to see if anyone knew of a generic parser that predicts reasonably well a standard address layout, like this:

BMW of Somecity

543 West Sample Place

Somecity, CT 06320-2696

(860) 999-9999



Obviously it would get a lot wrong, but using regexes and likely "rules" it may be able to capture L1 as company name, city/state/zip stands out, phone numbers stand out, the .??? can easily be interpreted as a URL seeing as there is no @ in it, etc. I will likely undertake a little hacked interpreter like this next, but wanted to see if anyone had a library that did it.


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Maybe have a look at EzTrack...




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