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Help Scripting this pls

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well i am plaining to do a Auto resetter for a game that usually crash to me.... it is Combat Arms and its process is called Engine.exe....

what basically i want my script to do is:

check if Engine.exe is running--->if running then it have to check if there is an active windows called Combat Arms--->if there is re do all of this

--->if not then it should open a link on my desktop (mouseclick will be fine too for me)->if no active windows then close Engine.exe

well basically i do know how to make it open the link on my desktop but i rly dunno how to make all the check if a process is runing....

i plainend to do something like this:

While WinExists("Combat Arms")=true

Check if Engine.exe is running ---->(i dunno how to do it)


If Engine.exe is running---->(still i dunno how to do this check....)

and if WinActive("combat Arms") then recheck all of this (i will prolly add this in the Wend is some other way when i will figure how to use the check of engine.exe....)

well so bassically if someone will be so kind to tell me how to do that check And/or to tell me in wich part of the AutoIt appendix i have to check to find it i will be many gratefull :D

Edit: i Figured out ProcessExists and ProcessClose.... thx btw for the good work making this Autoit program i love it...

hold on in this thread if u think u want to help me... i will update my post if i need some more help :D

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Search "check process running" in the help file. 3rd result. Remember to look there before you look here.

For those who are asking questions, look in the help file first. I'm tired of people asking stupid questions about how to do things when 10 seconds in the help file could solve their problem.[quote name='JRowe' date='24 January 2010 - 05:58 PM' timestamp='1264381100' post='766337'][quote name='beerman' date='24 January 2010 - 03:28 PM' timestamp='1264372082' post='766300']They already have a punishment system for abuse.[/quote]... and his his name is Valik.[/quote]www.minikori.com

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