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ControlSysTreeView + TreeViewItem


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Hi folks,

Like many here, I have tried to make AutoIt automate setting the Start Menu options, or Explorer's Folder Options. Both of these use a control called a SysTreeView32, which is supposed to be accessible through AutoIt's ControlTreeView command... but that doesn't work too well.

So I've written a wrapper/parallel command which I've imaginatively called ControlSysTreeView. It's a direct drop-in replacement for ControlTreeView, but A. it works, and B. it does a little bit more!

And in the process of working with TreeViews, I got annoyed with having to remember and put together AutoIt's formatting to refer to an item in a TreeView. So I also put together a function (TreeViewItem) to create an item reference without having to remember how to do that yourself!

I would have put these into the Downloads directory, but I don't seem to have access there. And I would have liked to draw the development team's attention to this stuff, in the hope of getting it included in AutoIt officially. But maybe someone official will try these functions and put in a good word!

I hope you find these useful; and all feedback or extension ideas welcomed.




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