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Program Manager

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Program Manager


This application allows you to set unlimited amount of programs to the application.

You can open them right from the list, restart them (in my case, i had some programs that would freeze),

or kill them.

There is 2 parts to it. When it opens, it creates a traymenu, and from there, you can easily open, restart,

or kill the programs.

The second part is the GUI. Rename the name of the item, not the actual file, but the display name for you

to easy access it. For example, when you add a program, it will display it with the .exe extension. you can

rename it what ever you want after you add to the list.

The list separates the programs whether they are running or not. Which makes it easy to manage your programs.

Im not releasing the source yet, on the fact that, its not totally complete to my satisfaction. Once that is met,

source will be up.

But for now, and because I ran out of space on here, I made a zip with the program and updater.

I hope this becomes useful to many, it's one of my greater programs.

Comments/criticism welcomed.



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It's not useful for me but it's a nice idea and Good Job :D

Cheers, FireFox.


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