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It's cute when these things think they are people. We'll make it permanent times two. First block is because of (and includes) the account DigitalMyth which was used to evade the ban. The second block due to sending me 78 emails with the content:

VALIK... Fuck Up. This is only the beginning.

I laughed. Good times.

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An excerpt from a longer email that I just have to reply to:

Make sure choice... Unban/block me and i will try to contribute by helping members and help improve tools like Koda which i have found many bug\'s, and maybe give a warning first... Or ignore/refuse this which i think is pretty stupid.

I do refuse. You see, when you send 500 copies of an email to somebody, the odds of them even considering your request lies somewhere between "LoL" and "ROFL". We do not want you here. If we wanted you here you wouldn't be blocked.
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