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how do I use web page link

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I have developed this script to access a frequently used web application.. I have learned how to use we page forms to get the user name and password entered... I do not know how to go to the link on the page that opens...

The script is below and the line where I need help follows the asterisk line...

The attachment shows the debugbar data for this page... The link I want to go to is the 4th one.

; loigin script for DCSNET need ie "debugbar" to get this right

#include <IE.au3>

$oIE = _IECreate("https://www.dealerspeed.net/")

_IELoadWait ($oIE)

WinSetState("DealerSpeed", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

WinWaitActive("DealerSpeed | Login - Windows Internet Explorer","")

; get pointers to the login form and username, password and signin fields

$o_form = _IEFormGetObjByName ($oIE, "idForm")

$o_login = _IEFormElementGetObjByName ($o_form, "username")

$o_form = _IEFormGetObjByName ($oIE, "passwordForm")

$o_password = _IEFormElementGetObjByName ($o_form, "password")

$o_form = _IEFormGetObjByName ($oIE, "dealerForm")

$o_signin = _IEFormElementGetObjByName ($o_form, "login")

$username = "username"

$password = "password"

; Set field values and submit the form

_IEFormElementSetValue ($o_login, $username)

_IEFormElementSetValue ($o_password, $password)

_IEAction ($o_signin, "click")

;MsgBox(4096, "Test", "This box will time out in 3 seconds", 3)

WinWait("https://www.dealerspeed.net/main/ - Windows Internet Explorer","")

If Not WinActive("https://www.dealerspeed.net/main/ - Windows Internet Explorer","") Then WinActivate("https://www.dealerspeed.net/main/ - Windows Internet Explorer","")

WinWaitActive("https://www.dealerspeed.net/main/ - Windows Internet Explorer","")

; *****************************************************

; the line below is where I need help

Run('C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE "https://www.dealerspeed.net/dcsnet/dcsnetwebapp/DCSnetPortal.do"', "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)


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my file did not attach - trying again shows debugbar info


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